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You Should be Travelling

Sunset in Puerto Vallarta

For children growing up in this generation one of the most important lessons we can teach our children is respect of other cultures. (Note…when I use the refer to culture I am referring to learned and shared traditions and beliefs common within a group of people). We live in an increasingly global world and an understanding of how other people live is paramount in ensuring children grow up knowing that not everyone is the same, and nor should we expect them to be. How much fun would it be if everyone wore the exact same shoes, pants and shirts? One of the ways that I choose to instill this belief in my girls is through travelling. I choose to pinch pennies day in and day out so that we can have the opportunity to make memories versus owning more and more things.

Family Photo taken at Allegiance, on Broadway, New York City
My oldest daughter is in French Immersion and will be travelling to Montreal during the next school year with her class as part of the grade seven send off. I am so jealous! And so I was really surprised when she told me she didn’t want to go. We spent some time talking and it turns out she’s really apprehensive about travelling without me, but is slowly warming up to the idea as she understands the importance of travel.
The girls and I have a bucket list of places we want to travel to, and form memories in. Japan, Europe and heading back to Mexico top our list of must see destinations, and I cannot wait for our next adventure. We’re trying to decide if we want to head off for a couple weeks in Mexico this winter, or head down to California for a quick getaway, or if perhaps we should hold off until next summer and head off to Europe or Australia! At the same time heading to the East Coast of Canada is a trip we must take at least once, and the draw of the Great Wolf Lodge is undeniable!
Family Photo taken at the Hidden Beach in Puerto Vallarta


Donkey Riding at Las Caleta’s in Puerto Vallarta

Our trip to Puerto Vallarta was absolutely amazing two years ago, and New York was an absolute blast in December! Memories of snorkeling and going to the Hidden Beach at the Marieta Islands, and riding donkeys and zip lining at Las Caleta’s are memories that will remain with us for the rest of our lives.

The same is true with our memories of watching the amazing Lea Salonga and George Takei in Allegiance on Broadway, skating at Central Park and celebrating New Years 2016 at Coney Island.
Yes, we came home with trinkets from our travels, but the memories are what are the most important part of the trip.
I’m not going to lie. I was absolutely terrified the first time I brought the girls on vacation as a single parent. There were so many unknowns that I spent many hours going over every single option possible, every possible scenario. But in the end, I am so glad that I got over my fears and took the plunge.  Our lives are better as a result!
Do you travel with your kids? What is your dream destination?

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