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Travel Bucket List

Over the past two years my girls and I have had the opportunity to travel to some amazing places. The travel bug hit us on a trip to Puerto Vallarta and the desore to travel and see more of the world hasn’t let up since. Whether we’re travelling in Canada, the US, into Mexico or hopefully to another continent its a great way for us to make memories, and grow as people. Experiencing different ways of life changes you. After returning home you are not the same person that you were when you left.
On Broadway in New York

While we have done some travelling there are just so many more places that we would like to visit. This post contains our bucket list of trips, and will be revised from time to time as bucket lists tend to do. As we travel destinations will be marked off our list, and as our horizons grow new destinations will be added.

I hope that this post can serve as inspiration to you! Both as a list of possible destinations, but more as proof that you can travel. Families, single parents, childless couples, and yes, even those of you who are unattached.

Puerto Vallarta
New York, NY
Vancouver, BC

Dream Destinations:

Roswell, New Mexico! – I know, I know. But we are awfully obsessed with aliens and visiting Roswell has been a dream for myself and Malie since well before the travel bug bit us.

Montréal, Quebec – definitely a trip to make once in our lifetimes…especially as I have a daughter in French Immersion!

Atlantic Canada – aside from having an Auntie who lives on the East Coast, I feel drawn to the archaeological and historical site of L’Anse Aux Meadows! The first viking settlement in Canada. What an amazing opportunity it would be to visit it.

Australia – a dream trip for all three of us. My girls dream of visiting the Sydney Opera House!

Mayan Riviera/Cancun – as an anthropology/archaeology student visitong the Mayan Riviera is a huge must go trip for me! Visiting the ruins and immersing in the culture would be the most amazing oportunity of my life

Los Cabos – I have a feeling that I was born on the wrong end of North America! Mexico is a location that I could visit over and over and feel more at home each time we go there

Japan – Cherry Blossom Festival. Need I say more?

Europe! – my dream would be to spend time traveling around Europe!  Plus my dance monster (I mean lovely girl) dreams of the Royal Ballet! How amazing would it be to spend the summer there while Tala attends the summer program at the Royal? So amazing!


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