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In November 2016, Prime Minster Justin Trudeau’s Transport Minister, Marc Garneau, pledged to make changes to travel in Canada aimed at making is less expensive to travel within Canada. My family and I were “bit” by the travel bug years ago, and we have been busy making our way through our travel wish list, yet our travel destinations within Canada have remained unchecked. Newfoundland, Toronto and Montreal top our must see Canadian destinations, yet the cost of getting to these regions from our home on the West Coast of Canada is astronomical.

A quick search on Travelocity for flights from Vancouver to Toronto came in at $1666 return trip for the three of us on West Jet. Montreal will cost upwards of $2600. Flying into St. John’s Newfoundland, $3506.28. These prices of course include airfare only, no hotel bookings, no food, and don’t include the cost of checking baggage either! Air Canada Vacations gives me the option for flight and hotel in Toronto for $2566 for the three of us.

Beach Front Vacation – Puerto Vallarta – July 2014

Whereas my family of three can travel to Los Cabos in Mexico, stay at an all-inclusive beach front resort for $2737. All-inclusive in Cuba will run us $2786.

So for basically the same price as staying a week in Toronto with Hotel through Air Canada, or for the price of airfare to Montreal we could visit a tropical destination, meals included. Last year the three of us travelled to New York City for the price of $2700 for hotel and air on the absolutely amazing Cathay Pacific.

I checked into the potential of taking the train from Vancouver to Toronto and the price tag for train travel is $3500. For those of us who don’t drive, travelling within our own country is costly, and out of reach for so many.

Coney Island Carousel, New Years Eve 2015

As a single parent to two children with limited income, the decision to travel is one that takes a lot of commitment and dedication to make happen. I can’t just decide to pick and go on a whim. We watch the prices of trips, and when they get down to a point that we can swing that’s when we book. I face a lot of questions about why I choose to travel with my girls and the truth is that I see the value in exploring other areas, and other ways of life. As someone who studies people the value of travelling is undeniable. The memories that we have created on our travels is of the utmost importance to our family, and I simply cannot imagine it any other way.

Living in BC visits to Victoria and Vancouver are common occurrences, yet reaching farther from our home region remains elusive.

To Prime Minister Trudeau and his cabinet, I hope that you follow through on the promise to help bring the cost of air travel down in |Canada to make travel more accessible for the masses. There are so many beautiful, significant locations to visit with Canada that people are missing out on, and my heart feels sad knowing that so many Canadians miss out on the opportunity to visit these locations.


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