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Failing the cool test

It happens eventually in your life as a parent, all of a sudden you become uncool. This recently became my reality with my ten year old, and it seemed to happen over night with her.

My twelve year on the other hand still thinks that I’m the coolest person imaginable. In her own words:

“You’re a Bif Naked loving, The 100 nut, computer whiz, zombie expert, geeky, anthropology person.”

With her it’s easier, as she isn’t one of the “cool kids” at school, and so for her and her small group of friends I am still relevant and my geekiness meshes well. My level of geekiness is hella cool to her and her friends.

Yet for my ten year old she is one of the cool kids, and my geekiness is no longer endearing. How did that happen?

While I’ve never been one of the cool kids, in my old (totally ancient) age I have come to embrace the fact that my geekiness is what sets me apart. And in the end I’m pretty content with that truth.

In my younger days to hear someone call me a geek or a nerd would have brought me to tears. These days to be know as the geeky science Mom, or the one who totally gets all things geeky that the kids are obsessed with is a compliment. Because #science. I love it. I love taking the time to do science experiments with my girls.

I am the parent who spends time studying capillary action with my girls, creating amazing tie dyed popsicle sticks to use in an exploding rainbow experiment.

Add water and food colouring to a bowl or container. Place craft sticks into the liquid and watch as the coloured water is drawn up the craft stick. Voila! Capillary action in motion. This is how trees and plants draw water up from their roots. Tres cool!

And the parent who turns unsuspecting rocks into teenage mutant ninja turtles.


turtle rock
How seriously cool is this little guy? Michelangelo (aka the coolest Ninja Turtle in the history of ever) ftw.


Friends, I encourage to embrace your inner geek, you might find who you really are in the process.


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