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Family Fun at 4Cats

In celebration of Canada Day, 4Cats offered a free art class. I made the decision to sign up the girls and myself and we had an absolute blast at the event and cannot wait to take more classes! 4Cats offers a variety of art classes, for adults, children and families. As an added bonus – they do birthday parties too!

malie4catsThe Leave it to Beaver clay workshop gave all the participants the opportunity to make their very own beaver with their interpretations. As always when you take a group class it is amazing the amount of variation between the class. No two creations are the same which makes them so special. Even the youngest participant there was able to create an item that was adorable.

I have taken classes at 4Cats previously, but this was the first time that my girls had the opportunity to attend class and they did really well. The instructions from the class leader were clear and concise, with every single step along the way being explained in detail, with sufficient time allotted for each participant to complete their design. Malie even had the opportunity to make a cyclops beaver which turned out exceptionally cute!

4Cats has a variety of classes, that change with the seasons. They also have a monthly variation that becomes available. From what I have seen this is usually a mug making class. Currently the mug of the month is a Koala. Previous variations that I have seen include emoji mugs, flamingoes and unicorns (the unicorn mug class sold out so fast I was disappointed to have had to miss out on it).

The majority of classes are 2 for $35, with an additional $10 being charged for each additional person (up to 4). There are some Polymer classes offered for $10 per person as well.

One key component in the pricing of the painting classes is that the canvasses are un-stretched – so there is an additional charge to have your canvas stretched after the evening (my painting class had a fee of $25 per canvas to stretch it afterwards – this charge may vary from studio to studio so you will have to confirm).



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