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Do Human Rights Matter?

This past week news was released that Omar Khadr would be receiving what is estimated at $10.5 million in settlement for the role that the Canadian Governments played in his ten year long denial of his human rights. Human rights that were instilled upon him by the Canadian Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms… Continue reading Do Human Rights Matter?

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Family Fun at 4Cats

In celebration of Canada Day, 4Cats offered a free art class. I made the decision to sign up the girls and myself and we had an absolute blast at the event and cannot wait to take more classes! 4Cats offers a variety of art classes, for adults, children and families. As an added bonus - they… Continue reading Family Fun at 4Cats


Hungry in Nanaimo

While for many Canadians the thought of going hungry seems like something that simply couldn't  happen in Canada, according to About Hunger in Canada the truth is that over 850,000 Canadians turn to their local food bank for assistance every month. Thirteen percent of Canadians struggle with food insecurity. Food insecurity presents many issues to… Continue reading Hungry in Nanaimo

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Melted Crayon Art

Pretty much anyone who spends time on the internet has seen melted crayon art images drifting around on Pinterest, Facebook and various blogs (to mention a few). The images are gorgeous and eye catching, especially the ones with the umbrella silhouettes. This week my youngest daughter set out to create her very own melted crayon… Continue reading Melted Crayon Art

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Failing the cool test

It happens eventually in your life as a parent, all of a sudden you become uncool. This recently became my reality with my ten year old, and it seemed to happen over night with her. My twelve year on the other hand still thinks that I'm the coolest person imaginable. In her own words: "You're a Bif… Continue reading Failing the cool test

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From Hope & Despair, a story of strength in the face of adversity

On March 9, 2017 Vancouver Island University welcomed Monia Mazigh, author and human rights advocate to speak with students about Islamophobia, human rights and her two novels, Hope & Despair, and Hope Has Two Daughters. Monia, a Canadian Citizen, didn’t set out to be a human rights advocate, though she was catapulted into the position… Continue reading From Hope & Despair, a story of strength in the face of adversity