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Family Fun at 4Cats

In celebration of Canada Day, 4Cats offered a free art class. I made the decision to sign up the girls and myself and we had an absolute blast at the event and cannot wait to take more classes! 4Cats offers a variety of art classes, for adults, children and families. As an added bonus - they… Continue reading Family Fun at 4Cats

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Melted Crayon Art

Pretty much anyone who spends time on the internet has seen melted crayon art images drifting around on Pinterest, Facebook and various blogs (to mention a few). The images are gorgeous and eye catching, especially the ones with the umbrella silhouettes. This week my youngest daughter set out to create her very own melted crayon… Continue reading Melted Crayon Art

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Eat Local – Farmer’s Market Edition

A small step in the direction of sustainable eating is the decision to eat Local. Not only are you avoiding the carbon footprint from trucking your food in, and the processing that goes into foods sold in the grocery store, but you also gain control of knowing where your food is coming from, and how… Continue reading Eat Local – Farmer’s Market Edition