Bucket List, Craft


This year I set forth making a bucket list after being inspired by the awesomeness that is (was) No Tomorrow (25% of my favourite shows were cancelled this year – why does the CW hate me so?). One of the items on my list was to do a painting class, you know one of those events where you show up, socialize and paint. While it took a lot of stepping out of my comfort zone I am so glad I did! Our evening at Paint-Nite was absolutely amazing, with our instructor Ginja-Lion being simply outstanding.

Starry Desert Night

While no one would ever call me an artist, this painting turned remarkably well. The process involved in the evening makes it so that even the most inexperienced painter can squeak out a decent looking painting.

Trust in the Process

During the evening we heard regularly that we needed to trust in the process. I have to admit that towards the end before we added on the splattering for the galaxy I was more than a little concerned about how my painting was coming together. Once the galaxy splatter was complete my view of my piece transformed and I was very impressed.

Paint-Nite has a series of operators who secure locations around cities and towns to hold their events. From what I can tell, quite often the venues are in pubs, though the one I attended was at a university. You show up to the evening with your friends after pre-booking online and you are set. The operators take care of everything else, canvases, paint brushes, paint, apron, and anything else you could possibly need is set up for you upon arrival.

Different, yet similar

I love how while you’re following the instruction of the instructor, and there is a basic template for the painting, it can really be anything that you want it to be. You can incorporate your own vision into your creation, and ultimately it is okay to not be perfect.

Be sure to register early so that you don’t miss out on an evening that you love!

Right now when you go to the Paint-Nite website you can spin to earn up to 30% off of the cost of your evening. Amazing!

I have previously done a paint class through another company and while the painting turned out well, the experience just did not compare to the experience at Paint-Nite. Our host was high energy, and did such an amazing job at making an inclusive evening where our creative juices were able to fully shine.

My First Attempt at a One-Day Paint Class

Happy painting!


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